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Sim blocking is one of the main problems of GSM termination business. In many countries, mobile operators and providers block GSM Gateways. This affects the overall business and revenues of terminating companies. To help solve this issue, IXC has developed an Access List module. This is a flexible and advanced software with user friendly interface and 24/7/365 support.

IXC Access List enables routing specific numbers via selected carriers (terminators). The numbers can be uploaded by the user and then can be auto-updated by the system.
You can configure IXC Access List to work with either whitelists, or blacklists.

Whitelist Scenario

You can create a list of allowed numbers to be routed via selected carrier (terminator). All the other numbers, except for the mentioned ones, will not be routed via selected terminator but will be routed via remaining terminators listed in failover scheme. White list is built based on called numbers (CLD) and/or caller IDs (CLI/ANI numbers).

Blacklist Scenario

You can create a list of restricted numbers, which will not be routed via selected terminator, except for the numbers outside of the list. This tool is helpful in cases when anti-fraud companies send ongoing test calls to same numbers.

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