IXC Autotester

IXC Autotester performs fully automated testing of multiple routes and destinations.
It helps increase the quality of routes by detecting poor quality. Test results provide information about quality of either existent or new interconnections. The tool records calls in mp3 format. The records can be easily attached and sent in email notifications.
Usually, interconnections are tested manually and thus require a lot of time. With IXC Autotester it takes only few clicks to test any customer or destination. Just select specific vendor and destination test begins. All tests are fulfilled in automated mode and you can even set testing schedule. Results further can be sent to specified e-mail address.
IXC Route Autotester can work with SIP and H.323 protocols and any codec (G.711, G.723 and G.729).
During the testing calls are generated by Route Tester with RTP media streams and audio is recorded for every call. You can listen through the mp3 file directly on the web interface to check the quality of audio in any call or you can save the mp3 file locally.


    Testing multiple destinations by few clicks.
    Automated tests can be done on schedule
    Displays test results with recorded calls 
    Enables adding comments to each call before sending to providers
    Test numbers can be refreshed automatically
    Priority number tests
    Supports Google api tests