IXC Monitoring Tool enhancements

Ensuring consistent call quality is essential for any business that relies on VoIP communication. That's why we're proud to introduce our re-defined IXC Monitoring Tool, which offers a range of powerful features to help users monitor the quality of their calls.

With our new Monitoring Profiles feature, users can easily create customized monitoring profiles for each of their routes. They can set individual Email Patterns for each profile, which ensures that the right people are notified of any issues as soon as they arise. This feature provides users with greater flexibility and control over their monitoring process, making it easier to identify and address call quality issues before they become serious problems.

In addition to these enhancements, we've also added the PDD (Post Dial Delay) parameter to our monitoring tool. PDD is a key indicator of call quality, measuring the time it takes for a call to connect after the user has dialed. By monitoring this parameter, users can identify issues with their routes and take proactive steps to ensure consistent call quality.

Our IXC Monitoring Tool has already helped countless businesses improve their call quality and enhance their VoIP communication. With these latest enhancements, we're confident that it will continue to be a valuable asset for anyone who relies on VoIP technology.