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What is Softswitch

A Softswitch technology has revolutionized telecom industry. Gone are the days of conventional voice switches. These days, it can work with voice, fax and video, contributing much to the recent telecommunication revolution. As a matter of fact, a softswitch is a virtual device/software that connects calls from one line to another. Since this is a virtual tool, it is entirely managed via computer.


The term softswitch is conventionally applied to IP calls, in fact, it is applicable to landline calls as well. A softswitch controls connections in between packet-switched and circuit-switched networks. Normally, a this software can be referred to as a Media Gateway or a Call Agent, however, in fact, those are two softswitch components. Thus, a call agent is responsible for call cervices, billing, call routing and similar services, constituting functional logic of these features. A Media gateway is used to link various kind of media streams, thus creating a final path of the car (data and voice). A Call Agent in its turn gives instructions to Media gateway on what interfaces to use.


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