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Wide Range of Residential VoIP Features

Softswitch Services Provides Wide Range of Residential VoIP Features


Softswitch has become the most popular software among all the telecom industries. The reasons behind these huge buzz, is that it has simplified the whole communication system and made it easy to use.

Some of the best features of Softswitch are mentioned below:

  1. It is the most reliable system software as well as scalable

  2. By leveraging the existing infrastructure it has extended the customer base

  3. It maximizes the infrastructure by providing convergence of data and voice.

  4. The customer self service is completely web based.

  5. Centralized and comprehensive system management

  6. Some of the extensive features suite are DDI, CLIP, Call Waiting, CLIR, Voicemail and many more

It provides fastest delivery:

Only with quick and quality delivery, a business can reach its goal. With the help of integrated system of the residential VoIP and with device management, the rollout of your new services as well as the time taken to market has become quite quick.

Huge rise of services and return of investment:

If the telecom business can deliver the whole bundle of services offered in the residential VoIP, then it will take the least time to expand your business further. With this system, you will be able to note down long distance as well as local call minute’s internet access and voicemail.

The system management is simplified:

The Integrated Access Device (IAD) contains tool management and integrated system. With the help of IAD and softphones, you can control the whole system and save the OPEX as well. Since it is remote and centralized, you can manage the whole system from your office.

Secure the customer base:

With Softswitch you will be able to provide more service and this brings out more customers. In addition to this, more customers can make satisfactory profits. With the residential VoIP Softswitch features, you can maintain the existing users and expand the list of new users at the same time.

Maintain customer satisfaction:

By providing the feature of self management, you will be able to enhance the satisfaction of your customers. You customers can organize, personalize and customize their service through easy to use web based system management.