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Tip 15

15 Situation: I need to limit my customer by incoming traffic balance. How can i do that and how can i warn my customer about limitation?

Solution: Solution: You need to click on Configure Customers and click on your Customer, then click on Edit and find "inDep" field there. To limit your customer by incoming traffic balance you should set this flag to 'y'. Next, please see "Max negative balance" field which equals 0.00 by default. What it means? It means when your customer incoming balance (paid to us - inbound sum) will reach 0 - then your customer will not be able to call via your Softswitch. You can set some credit line for your customer by using Max negative balance:100 for example. In this case your customer will be able to call in credit till his incoming balance will be (paid to us - inbound sum)>-100. Once your customer will reach his balance - the mail message will be sent automatically on customer's email.
To warn your customer BEFORE he reached his balance, you can use "depAlarm" flag and set it to 'y'. In the field "minDep" which is 0 by default, you can set some amount, for example 10. In this case customer will be informed by warning email automatically once his incoming balance will pass 10.

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