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Tip 1

1 Situation: I need to do the anum (calling party number) translation as following:
-if anum=1234xxxxx, then convert it into anum 7777
-at same time for same customer, if anum=12xxxxxx, then convert it into 66xxxxx
-all another anums i should pass as is

Solution: You need to create 2 InPeers for same customer A and B. In the InPeer A you should put anum=1234 into InIPAddresses and to InPeer B you should leave anum in InIPAddresses blank. So in this case InPeer A will handle all calls with anum like 1234xxxx, and InPeer B will handle all another anums. After that, we need to create an AnumReplaceClass for InPeer A and InPeer B. For InPeer A it should be AnumReplaceClass with type 'list' and 7777 inside. Now, lets go to InPeer B and create AnumReplaceClass with type 'prefix' and put prefix=12 and realPrefix=66. Solved.

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