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Telecom Industry Concepts

Softswitch is one of the best concepts in the world of telecommunication which has completely revolutionized all the telecom industries. Softswitch is purely a software based system through which you are able to make phone calls to any other telephone lines by simply taking help of a personal computer and the internet. There is no longer the need of those old traditional wired telephones where the phone calls were routed by some hardware systems and with help of circuit switching.

With Softswitch it uses the mixed concept of packet switch as well as circuit switch based systems. With Softswitch all you need to do is to download the software and install it in your machine. Deal out a plan or scheme with the VoIP Softswitch providers and you will be facilitated with the system.

For a proper conversation your need a headphone and that’s it. Thus it solves the financial problems as well because it minimizes the separate maintenance cost all together. Some other advantages of the Softswitch are mentioned below.

Advantages of Softswitch:

One of the top most features of a Softswitch is its reliability. The architecture of the soft switches are so sophistically designed that even if the system fails under any circumstances then it can be easily neglected.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the main technology which is used to operate the entire softswitching technology. Basically Softswitch is nothing but software which specifically used to manage and keep track of the traffic over Internet Protocol. The traffic might be of many reason such as sharing a file or mix of video and audio.

The softswitching technology is used so as to link the PSTN with the IP networks which creates a bridge between the old PSTN system and VoIP.

The softswitching technology is solely based on the SIP, which is an abbreviation of Session Initiation Protocol, which assures that the communication will be fee of any types of errors. This seamless and flawless communication enables the ITSP’s to offer calls between Internet Protocol Phone to regular phone, computer to computer, computer to phone, and IP devices to other phone services.


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