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Rates Upload

Uploading rates increase/decrease/full replace

   As we all know, VoIP suppliers are often sent their rates update lists with increase/decrease/full replace options. Lets see how easy the upload management could be with IXC Softswitch

  In "Tariff Plan" of each terminator you can find two buttons: "Upload changes" and "Update price list from file". This buttons can fully satisfy you with your needs.

"Update price list from file" button is used to update the current active price list with the changes from your file. So you can use it to download the "decreases" rates.

"Upload changes" button is used to upload the chages from file which should be effective in future. So you can use this for "increases"/"full replace" rates. There will be an option to select effective date for that price and also a flag "clone". If you set the "clone" flag - system will make a copy of your currently active price-list and update it with the changes from file (can be used for "increases"). If you uncheck the "clone" flag - system will make a new empty price-list and update it with data from your file (can be used for "full replace").

   As you can see all your needs can be satisfied just with few clicks - all other work will be done by IXC Softswitch.


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