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Softswitch - Purposes

Softswitch Makes Calling Better and Easier
In simple terms, Softswitch is a concept of distinguishing the network software from the network hardware. In the circuit switched networks, which were used in the old and traditional times, the software and hardware were linked to each other.
The networks of a circuit switched were depended on the facilities, which were dedicated to interconnections, and were specifically designed for voice communications. The packet based networks were more efficient and they functioned on the Internet Protocol.
Session border controller
The SBC or Session border controller was specifically designed to implement some high end functions and they are mentioned as below:

  • It is used to collect the regional traffics and transmit them over to the central softswitch
  • It helps to route the traffic between the regional clients without turning to the central Softswitch.
  • As VoIP Softswitch uses the flexible distribution of all the reserve routes, it is the SBC that is used for tolerating the maximum number of slip-ups.
  • It is also used to control the balance the load of the internet channel.
  • It is used to transform the signalization as well as codec.
  • It assists in changing the buffering
  • Last, but not the least, it has brought enhanced opportunities for all the mobile users

The main purpose of softswitching
One of the most important goals is to establish a Softswitch that will not have any hard drawbacks, which the traditional switches had, such as intelligent network mechanism and triggers, service logic, and circuit based switch and transportation. A complete Softswitch will be the one having all the functionalities to make easy phone calls.
The efforts of ISC, International Softswitch Consortium, and IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force, have the same goal in their minds, which is to form a distributed telecommunication architecture wherein the functional components will be completely independent. Some of those functional components are switching, service logic, transport, and network control.
Thus, in order to assure you a better calling experience, facilities Softswitch application is introduced in the market, which soon become popular among the business and personal users. With all the positive marketing and benefits, it is sure to offer you better and advanced features in the near future.

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