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Softswitch as Radius

IXC VoIP Softwitch can be integrated into third party network as a RADIUS server. It’s especially helpful in situations when third party billing functions well but routing server requires replacement. IXC Softsiwtch as Radius client enables saving investments on overall network modification.


RADIUS protocol (Remote Authentication in Dial-In User Service) is used for implementation of radius authentication process, authorization and reset of information about recourses and transfer of information between central platform and equipment.


In this architecture IXC Softswitch has limited functionality and contains no web interface and database.

Benefits you get with IXC Softswitch as Radius:

  • IXC Softsiwtch can be integrated within shortest time with minimum down time.
  • Ease of implementation and integration;
  • Minimum additional costs are required to maintain operability of the current network;
  • Full training is provided
  • 24/7/365 support services;
  • Demo
  • Hosting Softswitch