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Softswitch - Advantages

In short, Softswitch is a new procedure adapted by most of the telecommunication industry, which makes routing of the calls very easy and simple.

Some More Facts About Softswitch And Its Advantages

Softswitch has brought a revolution in the telecom industry. Those days are far gone when conventional voice switches were used vastly around the world. Nowadays, with the help of Softswitch you can send fax, and make either a voice or video call. Thus, it contributes much more and better facilities to the telecom industries.
What is Softswitch?
When it comes to a proper definition of the Softswitch it is quite simple. Softswitch are virtual software applications that are broadly used to make calls from one phone line to the other. It is solely managed and worked with the help of computers. It is usually used to make calls which are based on Internet Protocol, commonly known as IP. With the help of this facility, you can make calls from your computer to any landline as well.
The main task of the Softswitch software application is to control the connections between the two circuits, switched networks and the packet switched networks. The Softswitch software application is associated to a Call Agent or a Media Gateway. These two are the elements of Softswitch make it function smoothly.
Call Agent is mainly used for call billing, call routing and other such service. On the other hand, the Media Gateway helps in linking different types of media streams, which will create a final path to transmit data and as well as voice. The Media gateway receives instructions from the Call Agent on which interfaces to use while connecting a call.
Advantages of softswitching

  • Scalability: Since the IP soft-switch mainly controls the connection made between different phone lines and less of switching part, it is manages more number of clients without overloading the processors.
  • Hardware independent platform: It can be easily installed on desktop or portable devices like laptops, which will have the basic hardware configurations.
  • Upgradeable: In case a new version is recently released, you will easily be able to upgrade it. All you need to do is to download the new version and follow a few steps to complete the installation procedure.
  • Expandability: if new extensions or trunks are needed to be added, then it can be done very easily. You can purchase extensions to expand the facilities of this software application to make it more easy to use and quick.

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