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Next Generation Softswitch and Its Mechanism

The telecom industry has witnessed a great innovation, which is of massive proportion in the most recent years. There has been a significant development in telecom industry and it was an enormous development in technology named Softswitch. This advancement has completely changed the whole dynamics of telecom industry. In order to avail the benefits of this technology, we need to know more about Softswitch. Instead of jumping to buy any Softswitch package, let us first see what VoIP technology means.

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology:

The VoIP technology is a process that can convert the voice signals into the digital IP packets. They are also responsible for sending the packets to its final destination with the help of communication channels like broadband or internet. This method of communication is very cost effective and thus, this technology is advancing very fast.

What is Softswitch?

Softswitch is a device, which is located at the central point of the telephonic network. This device is supported by very specialized software. This application is practically used to connect the calls from one phone line to some other telephone line. Prior to this technology, a physical switch responsible for routing all the calls was used and the entire operations were performed by one or the other hardware. In simple terms, the main function of Softswitch is to distinguish between software and hardware of circuit switched networks.

Complete working mechanism:

The main purpose or the use of Softswitch is to manage all the connections at one junction which lies between packet and circuit networks. So as to achieve this goal, the Softswitch device contains the switching framework and switching logic. This modern concept is divided into two categories depending on their features, and they are called media gateway and call Agent.

The jobs of the Call Agent and Media Gateway are quite different from one another. The Call Agent looks after the call services, billing, call signalling, call routing and many more. Conversely, the main purpose of Media Gateway is just to connect the media streams to each other, so as to make a path for the data and the voice media.

Thus, with proper collaboration of Call Agent and Media Gateway, the Softswitch runs smoothly and successfully.


Therefore, in short, Switch software is a brand new development which has made a complete makeover of telecom industry services. The wholesale telecom operators are much benefited with this development.