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More about Softswitch and its work

One of the greatest and revolutionized idea or concept that is adopted by many telecommunication companies is Softswitch. It is nothing, but very simple software, which can be installed on your device and used for connecting or transferring voice data from one phone lines to any other. This entire process is taken care of by this able software application.
PBS, which is an abbreviation for Public Switch Board, is hardware specially designed to transfer voice data over telephone lines. The important task of this switch board was to direct the routes of all the signals that travels through them to the right ones. However, these days almost all the telecom companies and networking agencies use Softswitch, which is the most advanced software tool to make and receive calls easily, no matter where you are located.

The working procedure of Softswitch:
The VoIP Switch software tool is largely used by the networking as well as telecom companies. This virtual application can be further divided into two groups that support and allow Softswitch function successfully. The two sub parts of the Softswitch are namely Call Agent and Media Gateway. Let us see the contribution of each of them individually towards making the Softswitch a powerful tool in today’s world.

Call Agent: The first and basic section of Softswitch is called Call Agent. The prior task of the Call Agent is to look after some of the sequential functionalities like transferring of signals, billing of the calls, call services, routing of calls and a few other small functions. Call Agent is solely responsible to control some other functions of SIP Softswitch too that require Internet Protocol, also known as IP, and Transfer Control Protocol, called TCP.

Media Agent: The second level of Softswitch is called Media Agent. It is responsible for all the digital streaming that takes place in this Softswitch software application. It is through Media Agent an end to end phone connection is created and controlled. It uses various types of interfaces, in order to establish a connection between different phone lines.

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