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Made Life Much Easier For All the Telecom Operators

With the latest development in the field of telecommunication industry, the wholesale operators found it much easier to carry out their businesses. This new development which has been so popular in the minimum time is called VOIP Softswitch. The entire telecom industry is the witness of the most extravagant innovation that took place in the current years. The Softswitch technology has made a complete makeover of the telecom industries. It has a huge list of benefits, which makes it more powerful as well as useful.

In order to begin understanding the Softswitch technology, at first we need a firm grasp over the VoIP technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol:

Voice over Internet Protocol which is commonly known and also called VoIP in short is just a way of changing all the voice media signals to the digitally synchronized IP (Internet Protocol) packets. These packets are then sent to their last destination through the channel of internet or broadband connection. The reason why this technology is advancing rapidly is the communication which takes place in the most cost effective way.

What is a Softswitch?

The concept of Softswitch has completely revolutionized the entire communication system and related services. This is just an instrument, which has been specifically designed and located at the central point of the telephone network. Specialized software is used to support and manage this device. It is through this software all the calls are connected from phone line to some others.

Much before the functionalities of the Softswitch were introduced, a few of the other hardware was used. Back then, to route any calls, a physical switch was utilized. Basically Softswitch is used to distinct the software and hardware of the network, which was operated by circuit switch.

What is next generation Softswitch?

This next generation Softswitch is a much greater version of the normal outdated one. The next generation Softswitch has the capability to control all the multiple media streams such as data, fax, and video and voice traffic. It also has the capability to support the signalling protocols so as to connect over VoIP or TDM. The Softswitch has met the standards of QoS, which is necessary for the carrier grade VoIP communication.


To make it short and simple to understand, currently Softswitch is the only solution to make things easier for the telecom industry. It has loosened up all the complications that they were bound to be faced everyday with their hardware system and services.

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