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Know More About Carrier Grade Class 5 Softswitch

About Carrier Grade Class 5 Softswitch

Many Softswitch providers will offer you with 4 types of Softswitch like VoIP Softswitch, SIP Softswitch, Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch. Before we go into the depth of this discussion about class 5 Softswitch, let us see what this software application is all about.

What is Softswitch?

Softswitch, though it is a very simple concept, has revolutionized the whole telecom industries all around the world. It has made the telecommunication system very simple and easy. The old traditional hardware operated telephone line has been replaced with software based wireless connections. Earlier, the call was routed through the telephone wires with the help of circuit based networks, but now it simply uses the internet to make any number of phone calls.

What is Class 5 Softswitch?

Class 5 Softswitch is telephone exchange in PSTN, which stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. The services offered by the class 5 Softswitch are data and digital through the local hoop, basic dial tone, and lots of other calling features. The primary difference between any other classes of Softswitch and the Class 5 Softswitch is that the latter initially deals with the telephone services which are subscription based.

Features of class 5 Softswitch:

The Class 5 Softswitch offers a wide range of additional features. Well, one of the best features of the class 5 Softswitch is that it allows the Voice over Internet Protocol residential providers to offer different types of Internet Protocol phone services to the customers. For the residential VoIP needs, it supplies carrier grade platform, business truncking and other facilities of the Softswitch.

Reliability and a powerful platform so as to manage the voice based applications like voicemail, conferencing, email, unified messaging, and web interface are additional features of class 5 Softswitch. The list of features provided by Softswitch does not end here because it has got lot more features.

Some of the specific features that are offered by the VoIP class 5 carrier grade Softswitch are unconditional call forwarding, conferencing with three separate phone lines, playing background music when kept on hold, to manage the residential account online, high quality advanced voicemail options, call waiting and many more.

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