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IXC Softwitch is a high performance and very powerful scalable Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solution, which enables secure large VoIP traffic flow over various IP networks. It does includes all common SIP RFCs as well as it support more older H323 protocol. Softswitch was successfully tested with all knows systems, during 15 years which we are working at voip market.


Market of voip traffic has many vendors and providers and all they have different protocols and standarts. So it always require stable system which can be interconnected with any kind of system. For this case we can propose complex voip solution “IXC Softswitch”.


IXC VOIP Softswitch

IXC Softswitch ensures hiding of client and operator network topology. Our product support newest hardware architecture, it efficiently using server resources, so in result it has one of the best calls performance.


Key features are:

  • Up to 3000 VoIP channels per server with CPS rate of 250;

  • Deployable in SIP and H.323 VoIP Networks;

  • SIP/H323 protocol transcoding in any direction;

  • Successfully tested during more than 15 years with different systems;

  • Call path utility can make a virtual call to see real routing;

  • Supports all voice codecs with its conversion in any direction;

  • Flexible routing mechanism based on ASR, ACD, PDD, profit and others;

  • Supports full/half media proxy;

  • Autotester tool will check your routes and inform you about traffic quality;

  • API available that allows to integrate with another systems;

  • Individual profit based routing policies;

  • Percent routing allows to split your traffic in any proportions;

  • Live statistics avoid negative customer balances;

  • RADIUS based integration with third party routing systems;

  • FAS detection utility.

As you see the softswitch provides you with VoIP protocols conversion that allows you to do  the following translations H.323 – SIP and SIP – H.323.. So you can easily interconnect systems which using different protocols, or which have old SIP firmwares.


Supporting Radius and API allows you to interconnect IXC softswitch with different kinds of billing or platforms. It also possible to send cdrs to external server.


Powerful troubleshooting module allow to control and check softswitch state, server state, call path via IXC softswitch. Visual graphs or Dashboard help to see most used services (ACD, ASR, active calls, last users logged to billing etc).


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