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About us


IXC - Ukrainian Telecommunication Company, which develops a wide range of contemporary information systems and technologies for communications enterprises. The company has been operating since 1999 and during this time it has implemented more than 300 projects throughout the world.

Portfolio of the company constitutes systems of billing, VoIP Softswitch and system of statistics collection.


The company offers on the market an integrated system for VoIP providers. When developing this system, our specialists were guided by three major principles of a VoIP billing platform for operators: stability of work, easy data processing and additional opportunities.


The purpose of our company is creation of a system, understandable not only to programmers and financiers, but also managers of the companies and people who are engaged in decision-making process and conclusion of contracts.



Ukraine, Kiev

Tel. +38 044 239 9740



Sales Department:

Irina Sobko, E-mail:, Skype: irina_ixc

Anton Volkov, E-mail:, Skype: tony.voip1





Our clients about us:



In terms of increasing efficiency  and effectiveness of VoIP Wholesale and Retail business it is extremely important to establish a quality and integrated system for collecting and managing data and information on VoIP billing platform.
IXC's systems' flexibility and plasticity are seen as a resource to be good and reliable partners in dynamic VoIP market.

 MEA Systems LTD, Armenia, Artyom Ohanyan, CEO


United Kingdom

It's already 7 years that we have been working with IXC, of course there have been some problems, no software or hardware can work without that, however these problems were given very prompt solutions. I'd like to express my gratitude to IXC team for providing such a high quality and stability.

Altcomtech LLP, UK, Gurgen Hayrapetyan, Regional director


Using IXC system in the field of VoIP wholesale, we have a universal system of automatic works with billing, rates and flexible tools for routing options. Stability and redundancy of the system has never given a reason to doubt it. In a rapidly changing business of wholesale VoIP, we always rely on the IXC system.

Telasco Communications, Armenia, Samvel Sahakyan, CEO



Managing our enterprise size retail business as well as our complicated wholesale traffic exchange has never been easier, thanks to IXC’s sophisticated all in one routing and accounting solution. What makes it even more pleasurable for our company to work with IXC is the knowledgeable support team with outstanding attentiveness is times of trouble shooting. One time is particular when we lost a huge amount of data due to a mistake done by myself IXC support retrieved the vital data just in the nick of time before we lost it for good which I will never forget. Overall, we are extremely happy with IXC soft switch and highly recommend it to everyone looking for a solid solution with remarkable costumer service.

Smartelecom Communications, Canada Mehdi Nafisi, Director

 Kyiv, Ukraine
Provision of services of international voice traffic transmitting trough Internet in combination with 'Kyivstar GSM' network, evolved throughout Ukraine, ensures increased incomes and profitability of the company as a whole without large additional investments. One of the main criteria when choosing a program commutator for a new project, was flexibility and introduction efficiency of the decision meeting concrete requirements. SoftSwitch has enabled arranging a flexible system of voice traffic accounting and routing through Internet. IXC Company, having extensive experience of software development in this area,performed all necessary design works withing the shortest terms, as well as ensured synhronization with existing infrastructure and training of managers during one week only.
'Our company is intended to further introduce Hi-Tech software complexes that meet highest international standards. Owing to such systems, we are expecting to rais condiserdably the efficiency of our operational activity.'
Igor Litovchenko, The President of Joint-Stock Company 'Kyivstar GSM'.