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IXC Autotester Interconnection

The main benefit of IXC Autotester as part of IXC VoIP Softswitch software is the possibility of testing your suppliers without any additional configuration operations, as your suppliers already configured at IXC Softswitch. But how they can be tested if you are using Softswitch from another vendor and you still need to test your supplier's routes with IXC Autotester? In this tutorial we will take a look on the configurations steps required to start using IXC Autotester with any Softswitch or routing system.


Trunks (routes) for testing should be pointed to your Softswitch and then routed to your suppliers. For this purposes terminators should be configured at IXC Autotester. Those terminators are like a clones of your real suppliers. You have to put the IP of your Softswitch in the terminator's IP Addresses of IXC Autotester, and each terminator should have some unique technical prefix (it is necessary for further traffic trunk separation on your Softswitch). Configure inbound traffic points for calls from IXC Autotester on your Softswitch (in_peers/inbounds/originators), and put the technical prefixes respectively. Configure the routing from those inbound traffic points to your real suppliers.



  • you have following suppliers on your Softswitch: Vendor1, Vendor2, Vendor3

  • add 3 terminators at IXC Autotester respectively, in Addresses tab of terminators you have to put the IP of your Softswitch, and in prefix field of each terminator put, for example, following prefixes: 33, 34 and 35.

  • add 3 inbound traffic points for calls from IXC Autotester at your Softswitch, put the IP of IXC Autotester there and put a corresponding technical prefix for each inbound: 33, 34 and 35.

  • configure the routing for those inbound traffic points you've just created, point the calls from each inbound to each real supplier – Vendor1, Vendor2 or Vendor3 respectively.

  • on IXC Autotester's web-interface click on the Autotester icon to allow system to do the rest of routing configuration automatically.

  • click the Reload Config icon and wait for a while (up to 1 minute).

  • to check that everything configured correctly on IXC Autotester, you can use Call Path utility which is placed under Troubleshooting menu. For example, lets say we are about to test Vendor1, in the Originator field select test_to_Vendor1, put one of the testing numbers in the Destination field and press Run. If you will see your terminator in the results table then you are fine and everything has been done correctly.

  • Congratulations! Now it is easy to test your suppliers just with few clicks. Just open IXC Autotester by clicking on icon, select some terminator to test and run the tests.


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