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IXC Route Autotester has the following advantages:

  • Test calls can be generated in both SIP and H.323 protocols;

  • Depending on needs of your vendor any codec can be used during the test: G.711, G.723 or G.729;

  • Testing of multiple calls;

With IXC Route Autotester basic package you can test up to 10 calls simultaneously. However, if you need to test more calls, you can always upgrade to advanced package that offers to test up to 50 calls simultaneously;


  • Softswitch as a bonus!

Ordering IXC Route Autotester, you get a limited version of IXC softswith software absolutely for free. IXC Softsiwtch comes with Protocol and Media Converters enabling also trancsoding.


  • Using IXC Softsiwtch together with IXC Route Autotester, you can test your carriers directly from the softwitch.

  • Few simultaneous trunks can be easily enqueued (in case you need to test few different destinations at once);

  • Destination can be tested via few terminators at once;

  • Tests can be scheduled and started at any time using built-in scheduler;

  • Demo and free trial is available;

  • IXC Route Autotester can be customized with additional featured based on customer’s specific needs.


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