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How to start with IXC Autotester

How to start with IXC Route Autotester
You can use IXC Route Tester like part of your VoIP platform with IXC Softswitch (all in one solution) or can use it separately with your own solution.
We would like to introduce you the video of how to start using IXC Route Tester separately with your own VoIP Gateway.
So you should make few following steps before you can place your tests calls to your PSTN Gateway.

1. Create a Vendor
After login to the IXC Route Autotester expand advanced menu and click on Vendors, then click on New Vendor to add, put some name and press Update button.

2. Upload your price-list into IXC Route Autotester
This price will be used during the tests, so you will be able to select any code/destination from this price-list to test.
Select the Vendor you just created (click on it) and go to "Tariff plans" tab, click on "New tariff plan" to add, put some name and click "Create". Click on "New price list from file" and browse to the csv, xls, xlsx file on your PC, then click "Upload". After upload complete (usually takes less than a minute) click on "Tariff rule" tab and click on your rule, then click on tab "Price lists" and select the price you just uploaded, click "Include".

3. Create terminator
Click on "Terminators" and add "New terminator", put some name, tag and select the Vendor and Tariff plan you just created. You can create the codec profile for it and put any codecs you want test calls go with, can create a-number translation to put your own a-numbers, can put some tech-prefix to sent and so on. After you done click "Create" and open "Softswitches" tab, include IXCSoftswitch, then go to "Addresses" tab and add IP, protocol, port of your GW to sent calls to.

So now you configured everything and ready to use IXC Route Autotester
Click on Route Autotester icon and you will see your terminator and codes from your price-list. Now you can start your tests immediately or use built-in scheduler.