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Financial Tools

IXC Financial Tools is a module of Retail billing designed to allow controlling payments and keeping record of invoices. Also the module can used as company-level accounting and monitoring without any third-party accounting software.


IXC Financial Tools Features


  • Company can work simultaneously with several bank accounts;
  • Company can provide all possible services, which require separate accounting (for instance co-location, prepaid);
  • Accounting of all payments and billings;
  • Accounting of money turnover;
  • Accounting of profits and losses of an enterprise;
  • Report on activity of separate companies for any activity period;
  • Report on profit, both total and associative (with choosing a responsible person);
  • Full report on transit traffic. Report includes also average characteristics of separate destination codes, as well as total amounts for outgoing and incoming traffic including cross traffic.


 Financial Tools generate following reports:

  • Cash flow – funds movement between services and accounts;
  • Profit & Losses – gives a comprehensive view on gross cost and revenue structure, as well as total losses;
  • Client Report – reporting on customer payables/receivables;
  • Profit Report – enables estimation of overall effectiveness of business ;
  • Shareholder’s Report;
  • Full financial Report – gives information on Customers’ activities;
  • Group Report – allows to monitor Customer’s activity broken down to groups;
  • Call Summary Report – allows monitoring one specific company’s activity in the group.
  • Account and Bill Report – allow to monitor card platform separately of all the rest services.

The utility “Invoice Generation” allows to view invoices issued to service buyers. Here you can see detailed information on which service is billed, what amount is charged, bank account essentials or you can simply generate invoice for yourself.


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Customer’s complaints about information contained in invoice can be avoided by granting them personal access to the data on their traffic contained in your system.


IXC Financial Tools enable work with several banking accounts, as well as allow providing various services that require separate accounting (for instance co-location, prepaid). Moreover, the enterprise can always view a report on activity of separate companies for any period of business activity, as well as full financial report, which includes average values on separate destination codes and amounts for incoming/outgoing traffic, including cross traffic. Additionally, the system accounts all payments and billings and keeps records of money turnover.


On the basis of input data the system estimates balance of each company and allows not only keeping records of company’s profits and losses, but also making revenue forecast.


Financial Tools enable controlling the break-even point of the enterprise by not allowing unprofitable calls to go through the system.


Apart from all the abovesaid, the IXC Financial Tools support automatic disconnection and connection of customers when the money on their deposits runs out. By setting the function depAlarm, the system will initiate the warning, which will be activated and forwarded to the client every time when a deposit of a client contains the amount, which is less than set minimum amount of money on deposit.


IXC Financial Tools provides top management with increased opportunities of not only internal management control, but also overall business activities. Monitoring of financial activity results of an enterprise is possible form any point of the world in on-line mode.