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Digest 1 | 2012-03-14

IXC Digest #1

You are about to read about latest news in IXC developments and modifications in IXC Softswitch.
IXC Team is working to make life easier for you and your business. We care about your service!


Linux Support Faxes over SIP via T38 Multiple Lines Route tester Fax Testing

 Linux Support
Higher System Performance.
 From now on the IXC Softswitch V5 can be installed not only on FreeBSD, but also on Linux. This operation system enables higher system performance at equally stable state. 

Choose which OS to use. FreeBSD and Linux options are available.

 Faxes over SIP via T38
Increased functionality for SIP using customers.
 IXC has always cared about all its customers. 
Previously faxes could be sent via T38 only using H323. But SIP market is currently growing and this led us to further development to fit the product to SIP using customers. From now, IXC Softswitch can send faxes via T38 over SIP.

Don’t look for other solutions. IXC can adjust the product to market needs within shortest terms.

 Multiple Lines Route tester

Efficient tool to test multiple routes
. IXC Route Tester can now test up to 50 calls simultaneously. 
This Software can work with both protocols, SIP and H.323, and with any codec. It allows to set a schedule of tests and sends results to specified e-mail. 

You can set up tests for night period and in the morning you will have all results needed to make a decision with carrier to interconnect with. Increase you service quality!

 Fax Testing

Easy testing of Faxes on routes
. Now IXC Route Tester can send not only calls but also faxes. 
You simply choose the image you want to send in ‘Select image’ menu and off you go! Sending faxes has never been easier!

You are dealing with CLI traffic? Then IXC Route Tester will help you manage your business with top quality.

Read also what is softswitch and fas detection.