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Digest 9 | 2012-12-19

IXC Digest #9

IXC is glad to announce a new release of IXC Softswitch V5.

IXC Team is working to make life easier for you and your business. We care about your service.


Bug Fix Web Configuration    Autotester

Bug Fix

The system is now absolutely stable! IXC team has fixed a bug inside a Softswitch core that could lead to softswitch crashes. In addition, we have fixed a bug, which caused incorrect call billing after receiving wrong invite message.


Softswitch core is now stable!

Flexible management of IXC Softswitch! Get a system sued on same day of purchase!




    Web Configuration

Reload config function has been optimized and made it faster to operate with. Moreover, Configuration of terminators/originators has now become much easier and convenient. Active calls and cpu's graph are shown properly for all softswitches inside a cluster. Finally, Call-id field was added to CDR templates


Easy and convenient Web Configuration of IXC Softswitch


User-friendly web interface options enable efficient use of IXC Softswitch.




The system is optimized! We have adjusted IXC Autotester to your needs and made it even more flexible. It now enables flexible configuration of multiple calls. Besides, all Autotester's procedures now are available via API including Fax calls.


Route tester system is optimized


Don’t look for other solutions. IXC can adjust the product to your needs within shortest terms.



More opportunities and benefits! IXC Softswitch v 5.4 release has also a number of improvements in billing and switching parts. Update call cost feature was added and now it enables recalculation of calls with wrong price. Call path feature now has links to all necessary fields. Issuing invoices has become much easier as Invoice generation utility is now working much faster. Last but not the least, Softswitch is now parsing many SIP messages, which were generated not according to RFC standards. This tool is especially important when you are working with old devices.

New improvements and benefits of IXC Softswitch

Get benefits for your business from using all options of flexible IXC Softsiwtch and billing system !

To get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available!


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Active calls and CPU Graphs