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Digest 21 | 2014-12-30

IXC Digest #21


 You are about to read about latest news in IXC developments and modifications in IXC Softswitch.

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IXC Monitoring tool RELEASED!

Meet our new product! 

   IXC Monitoring tool is checking vendor's ASR and ACD on per code basis (or per whole terminator basis) and if vendor is giving you ASR or ACD below or higher mentioned value than the system will sent the warning emails to such vendor with CC on IXC Softswitch's user. The tool can also block such codes automatically (only with extension pack) or you can block those codes manually directly from the web-page with monitoring statistics.



Monitoring tool Extended in action.



Available purchase packages:

IXC Monitoring tool — simple monitoring with email notifications only.

IXC Monitoring tool Extended — same as «IXC Monitoring tool» but with automatically block codes extension.

IXC Monitoring tool Advanced – includes all packages listed above but with CDR attachments in email notifications with few examples of bad-stats calls.



Please feel free to contact us in case if you will have any questions. We also have the full description in PDF format with screen shots of tool in action.

   Also, to get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available! Or try Softswitch hosting solution from IXC.




Active calls and CPU Graphs