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Digest 18 | 2014-04-21

IXC Digest #18


 You are about to read about latest news in IXC developments and modifications in IXC VoIP switch.

IXC Team is working to make life easier for you and your business. We care about your service.



SIP RFC 3325 support Invoice Templates     New User Type

SIP RFC 3325 Support


The system is optimized! IXC Softswitch now supports SIP RFC 3325 (Asserted Identity within Trusted Networks). IXC team works 24/7 to make the system compliant with RFC standards. You can be sure that your IXC works properly!

Softswitch core is now stable!

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    Invoice Templates

More opportunities and benefits! IXC has modified Invoice Templates. The templates for invoices display now also banking details. Get your work with IXC Softswitch optimized!


 Get more information from your system with minimum manipulations involved!


 New User Type

Keep user access under control! IXC has added new type of User Access. It enables user to see only his/her own payees. Get more flexibility of User Access Management! 


Route tester system is optimized

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