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Digest 15 | 2013-10-29

IXC Digest #15


 October News about our IXC Softswitch modifications and developments.


 IXC Team care about your VoIP Business.



Target Destination Report Active Calls Improvements
    Originator/Terminator CDR

Target Destination Report

More opportunities to benefit! IXC has added new report – Target Destination Report. This useful utility enables users to see which destination he/she needs to look for. This is a tool, which allows to increase flexibility of IXC system.

Softswitch core is now stable!

 IXC Team works to regularly add new tools and utilities to your IXC Softswitch. Get updates for Free!


    Active Calls Improvements

Increased functionality of IXC! We have modified many existing reports in IXC billing. Among many others, Active Calls have been added with new filter. Active Calls now have filter by destination code. This can narrower the search and help get more specific information.


Easy and convenient Web Configuration of IXC Softswitch

Get more information from you system with minimum manipulations involved! 



More options to existing features! New modifications of IXC Billing have also touched Originators and Terminators area. Originator/Terminator statistics have now filter by disconnect cause. 


Route tester system is optimized

To get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available!

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Active calls and CPU Graphs