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Digest 10 | 2013-01-10

IXC Digest #10


 You are about to read about latest news in IXC developments and modifications in IXC Softswitch.



 IXC Team is working to make life easier for you and your business. We care about your service.



Language Options Traffic flow report     Customer email fields Bug Fix

Language Options

More options for IXC users. IXC has enabled the option of seeing the web icons in Russian language. From now on Russian speaking IXC users can choose to work on web in their native language! 

Softswitch core is now stable!

Flexible management of IXC Softswitch! User friendly interface, which reflects the needs of all customers!



    Traffic Flow Report

Easy control of your business Traffic flow report now shows percentage margin per destination. This feature can help you perform quick analysis of destination profitability. Web interface options enable efficient use of IXC Softswitch.


Easy and convenient Web Configuration of IXC Softswitch


Get benefits from the use of IXC Softswitch! We can adjust the product to your needs within shortest terms.


 Customer E-mail Fields

The system is flexible! Customer e-mails fields have been separated for such options as billing, rates and trouble tickets. You can instruct the system to send invoices notifications to one e-mail, prices notification to the second e-mail, autotester notification to the third e-mail and so forth. 


Route tester system is optimized



Don’t look at other solutions. IXC is getting closer to your needs each day!



 Bug Fix

The system is more stable! IXC team has fixed a bug inside a Softswitch, which is related to handling BYE message before connect. 

New improvements and benefits of IXC Softswitch


To get free demo of the system, please contact our sales department. Free trial is available!

Read about switch class 4 and softswitch hosting.


Active calls and CPU Graphs