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Detailed Analysis and Features about Carrier Class Softswitch

Detailed Analysis and Features about Carrier Class Softswitch Communication Solutions


Recently, operators generally provide two technologies for the IP enterprise communications solutions. Firstly, the enterprise has adopted the next generation Softswitch as a core network platform, so as to build a carrier class network platform Internet Protocol Communication. The network of softswitching technology acts as a network development trend of the next generation telecommunications. Some of the features and services provided to the customers of the enterprise are custom services, open interface, business integration, wide coverage and many more.

The Softswitch technology provides flexibility to businesses for being networked with all departments, whether they are in-house or offshore. You also get the advantage of organizing networks efficiently with the clients. The applications provide best solutions for companies that are looking to streamline their telecommunication services.

Secondly, the telecom industry has adopted IPPBX equipment or enterprise class Softswitch. This equipment is used for the specific customers to build the Internet Protocol communication networks of an enterprise. The customers are helped with the system integration services as well as facilities of the distributed Internet Protocol call center, mobile office, unified messaging and a few others. By implementing the solution of differentiated IP communications, the different needs of the customers of the enterprise are fulfilled.

Technical solution of the carrier grade network platform:

There are lots of telecom operators who recently have progressively started building the next generation Softswitch core network telecommunication. The network platform of the carrier grade Softswitch supports rich and flexible service offerings, business potential, multimedia as well as other business properties, data, voice and many more. All these features could be easily used as a development resource so as to fulfil all the varied needs of the large scale clients in the different businesses.

Irrespective of the various categories of customers for any businesses, you will be to connect the LAN (Local Area Network) with ADSL by the means of accesses like the broadband Internet Protocol. With all these facilities, the small scale as well as the large ones in the telecom industries have been benefited a lot and so the clients of those enterprises.


In other words, the Softswitch technology made the whole telecommunication a better and far more superior technology in the recent years. It has replaced the hardware functionality with the software based device to make things much more well-to-do. Now, even while you are at home, you know that you are well connected to communicate with your representatives, customers and clients.

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